USANA Supplements

Diet and good nutrition is vital for the maintenance of our health – the prevention of nutrient deficiency diseases such as rickets or chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease. We need vitamins to support our immunity, regulate our metabolism, and support good digestion. Minerals help support the building of strong bones and teeth. We cannot thrive without these micronutrients.

A balanced diet is the optimum choice but it is not always possible to obtain the required nutrients from our food. This is where supplements come in as an “addition” to a healthy well- balanced eating plan to “support” the health and continued vitality of the individual.

My supplements of choice are produced by USANA Health Sciences.


  • I love the philosophy of the company – “To Create the Healthiest Family on Earth”
  • USANA believe in you as an individual – You are Unique
  • You can trust what is on the label is what you get as all the USANA products are produced to Pharmaceutical Standards ensuring a high level of quality
  • Continuous research by the USANA scientists in order for continuing development which enables the identification of the widest range of cellular processes that can be influenced by nutrients and building on that.
  • As a result of such research the new Cellsentials evolved these contain the optimal amount of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • You can choose the USANA supplements to best suit you in order to nourish your cells with exactly what they need to maintain balance and support you and your family to a healthy vibrant life.

Complete the free health assessment and receive the supplement recommendations personalized for you.  Please contact Balance Homeopathy for further information or visit the Balance Homeopathy USANA Shop for your supplements.